You’ve found the home of RedPen/BlackPen – a webcomic about the academic life – science, peer review, careers, pirates, very small rocks, churches.

A homepage section

Nearly 5 years ago I started doodling silly ideas related to science and academia and posting them to my (original) blog and Twitter. They gained some interest and a following and have become a regular thing, that I’ve titled RedPen/BlackPen. Red Pen is critique and editing. Black Pen is the creative force. Both are essential to the process (of writing, or science, or, well, anything really).


I am a research scientist of the computational biology persuasion (@BioDataGanache). I draw RedPen/BlackPen as a way to express the joys, frustration, and sometimes silliness of the scientific process, writing papers, being rejected, and navigating the career of a scientist.